Calm Confident Birth Fife

Removing Fear, Empowering Women in Birth and Beyond…

Calm Confident Birth Fife

Calm Confident Birth Fife

Removing Fear, Empowering Women in Birth and Beyond…

Calm Birth Rehearsal Workshops

UPDATE: All classes and services are currently being offered online due to restrictions of Covid-19 

Online Birth Partner Preparation Intensive/Private Preparation Sessions

Would you like to feel Calm and Confident in yourself, your choices and your birth companion as you approach your baby’s birth day?

A birthing companion who is fully prepared and understanding of your needs is invaluable.

Research has shown that a non-medical companion who is able to support you constantly such as a doula or friend/relative can reduce caesarean rates by 50%, reduce the need for painkillers by 30% and reduce the length of your labour by 25%.

This two part intensive (2 x 2.5hr sessions) birth preparation class for the expectant mother and birth partner/s is designed to prepare you both physically, mentally and emotionally for birth. With a little theory and the opportunity to practice tools and techniques for all stages of labour; you learn to facilitate your body doing what it is designed to do.

Increase confidence and trust in your body to birth your baby well.

Increases birth the birth companions confidence in their important supporting role throughout birth.

In this session we cover pre-labour, the first contractions to the first hold of your baby…

Included in this session:-

Learn about how birth actually works!
We will explore in simple ways, the birthing brain and the hormones of labour. This information is used in a practical way to help to clearly understand how to create the optimum inner and outer environment for your baby’s birth.

Preparing body and mind for baby’s birth

Optimal Foetal Positioning and maternal posture in late pregnancy

Explore your Birth Choices/Build your personal Birth Plan

The 2 phases of the first stage of labour – comfort measures for home & when to call the midwife

The Role of the Birth Companion is explained and you will learn the how to fully support the mother, includes simple massage techniques

Breath, movement and massage techniques for comfort and ease

Visualisation & relaxation techniques to keep relaxed and calm during labour

Birthing positions

How to make decisions and deal with the unexpected…

Includes manual for practice revision

Cost: £58 per couple.

(Private Sessions available. Cost: £95)

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What others have to say about this Birth Preparation intensive:-

“learned loads, absolutely invaluable – wish it was available to every woman”
Nadia, Fife

“feel empowered. So, so grateful to have had this one-to-one session. My mind is in a better place now so I can help my wife”

Jason, Fife

“I feel more prepared and confident to achieve my goals. Very useful, thank you”
Rhona, Fife

“Feel a lot more confident and aware of what I can do to help my wife”

“feel more empowered having learnt methods to keep calm and relaxed and in control of my birth and the process”

Nicola, Glenrothes